“What will Codeine Margaritas bring?” Is a question any DJ Rapid Ric + Lil T fan should be asking themselves, or maybe not – maybe you expect it to be lit. “All I Know,” the first single release from the upcoming project, is a good view on what is to come. The single is a BOZ (producer of “Plugs” from Lil to the T) and DJ Rapid Ric + Lil T collab. With basslines hittin’ for days, T brings the heat in the form of a chantable hook and intricate verses; both delivering.

First, let’s talk about the hook. It’s likable to say the least and motivational to say the most. The hook chants, “I’ve been handlin’ my business / gettin’ it quick / straight finessin’ / yeah, I’m really with the sh-t,” and before you know it a baseline drops and T picks up a newish amplified rhythm, as the self-affirming line (and, where the song gets its name) “that’s all I know,” is threaded throughout the backtrack.

The verses are even more likable, lit, and self-affirming. T gives himself (and, in turn, all of us) a fast-paced pep talk with lines, such as, “All of my haters feel like they want me in a box / I gotta f-ck ’em up / They sh-t ain’t doin’ it / I gotta go do it myself then,” and “I’ve been here before / I can never leave … I ain’t got to tell ’em nothin’ / they go’n see.” If you like confidence, take a listen, and add the new single to your playlists. Stay tuned for more #CodeineMargaritas, but for now, let’s focus on all [we] know.




The boys are back. Lil T and Bro Lee re-up with another anthem worthy tune titled “Look Up.” This time Bro Lee is on the hook, chanting, “I look up to God. I look up to God every time that I fall.” Bro Lee describes how he protects his family, relies on God, and hopes to stay away from the frauds, but also occasionally dabbles in self-medication. If you love your God and your money and your drugs this may be for you.

Lil T lends his vocals to the backing on the hook and the last verse. The backing vocals are subtle, but they make a difference, so pay close attention. T’s verse comes in on a beat-turn and  he matches the pace change, setting the verse apart from the quick-deliveries in the front-half of the song. The ear is thankful for the change of pace, as T metaphorically notes, “I know what I need to do right now,” like an epiphany after a prayer. T doesn’t leave you hangin’ though, as quick as he slows down he picks up, stating, “I just talked to God – got me focused. Them haters go’n see me down – go’n see me down. B–ch, keep on lookin’ up. H-e, do you see me now?” But don’t keep your head up too long, because he’s cuttin’ heads off of snakes.

We enjoy the sh-t out this song, but we may be bias, so please check it out for yourself.


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Happy New Year! We welcome the new year with the official music visual for “Plugs.”

directed by Mak an On The Reel Films Production

More about the song:

“Plugs,”(feat. da Bosnian) from Lil To The T (DJ Rapid Ric + Lil T), is an anthem for all hook-ups. With lyrical stylings and beat production by two Austin artists, “Plugs” can be described as a song comin’ straight outta Austin. If you’re lookin for that boom, look no further. Plugs has baselines perfectly placed throughout the track, which keeps heads bobbin’.