Last month, Bro Lee released a new track on SoundCloud feat. Lil T titled, “Make It Back.” The song’s overarching theme is a rag-to-riches story line, but in terms of the everyday struggles of the lower middle class.

Each artist contributes one verse. Bro Lee opens up the track with quick delivery, and a raw sound. Then comes in the hard-to-forget hook, written and performed by Lil T, which introduces the overarching theme of the song, “I done lost it all, but I can make it right back.” Both artists deliver catchy lines in the tradition of rap bravado, but ultimately the song is successful by its powerful messaging – you can lose it all, but you can make it right back.

The two are currently working on a visual to accompany the song with On The Reel Films.

We’ll release the new video on, so follow the blog at the bottom of the page to be the first to know!

New show announcement for ya.

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**Show is rescheduled for Saturday, January 23, 2016.

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